Halifax, Nova Scotia

Country Swing Dance Classes in Halifax

Easy To Learn Partner Dancing

The reason why (Mark) stuck with country swing is because there is no footwork for the guys to learn!

Wedding Dancing Like a Pro

We’re all about the moves and showing your (girl) partner off. You’ll look like a pro even after 1 class!

We could dance to any song at our wedding. Everyone asked us where we learnt how to dance so well!


Halifax Dance Lessons For Adults

We have taught lessons at Halifax dance for almost 3 years. Recently we have moved our beginner country swing class to Cheers Live Country Bar. Which is downtown on Argyle St.

Country Dance Lessons

Our style is primarily country swing. However it’s a very versatile dance that can be applied to any musical genre!

People use our country dance lessons to learn for weddings, to improve their bar dancing, or as a way to get rid of the winter blues.

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