Halifax, Nova Scotia

About Coastal Country Halifax

The most fun you'll ever have dancing!

Coastal Country Halifax started with one goal in mind. To create a social dance atmosphere in Halifax.

Hilary and Mark spent 3 years learning country swing in Calgary. Every weekend and sometimes weeknights they would go out to a bar.

Not to just sit down, but to dance, meet new dancing friends and have some casual drinks.

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Why We Love To Dance

In Canada we have some dark and dreary winters. We can’t think of a better way to spend those nights than to go out dancing. It literally shakes our winter blues away.

The Perks of Country Swing Dancing

  • Great fitness to get the body moving
  • Good to raise your spirits & laugh
  • Meet new friends that like to socialize and dance
  • Listen to great live music (and dance with the band!)
  • Easy to learn especially for the lead partners where there is no footwork required!

About Hilary

Hilary has an extensive dance experience in all styles. She learn throughout her childhood, then started and lead the McGill Dance Pack at university.

She prefers to be spinning over sitting on the couch any day.

She is finishing law school and is mentored by a family lawyer in Halifax.

About Mark

Mark was always athletic but didn’t have formal dance education… besides helping his mom out with her high school dance classes.

After attempting and becoming frustrated with the tango, fox trot, salsa, waltz and quickstep. That he tried to learn at McMaster University Ballroom classes.

He finally found his the only style of dance that he stuck with. Country swing (modern) in Calgary. He learnt from friends, watching pros at bars, youtube, then official dance lessons.

He quickly went from a newbie to a teacher in a matter of 3 years.

His favorite part is teaching and doing line dances, which he teaches at Cheers Live Country Bar in Halifax.

Besides that he plays soccer with his fav barber from Old Pine Barber Shop Halifax.